20 & # 39; I just do not have it & # 39; Moments that are only too windable

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20 & # 39; I just do not have it's moments that too

We all had one of In those days when we were just do not want to interact with humanity.

But we are social beings and ultimately must find a life by functioning in society with other people. Otherwise, why are you wasting your time?

Although this is a bit extreme and most of us will not do that, that does not mean we all have to like our human interactions with them. Just ask these people and animals how to deal with the days that just can not be handled.

1. Did the dog fold the window? The owner was not with us

meechonmars) February 6, 2018

2. No interest in baths.


3. Blue Steel, Age, Not "You'll Be Murdered" Steel".


4. Merriam-Webster does not play.


5. Kitty only wants to play: (

When you express your feelings to your crush and they do not have it

6. "Nah 'I am good.'


7. Called