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22 Times & # 39; The Simpsons & # 39; have accurately predicted the future

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If you've seen The Simpsons for a long time, then you know that the authors who choose them for the series are basically clairvoyants.

Perhaps you can just predict it to humanity, which is predictably ridiculous, or the fact that the show existed forever, so the authors will cover everything that will happen in the past, present and future, but there is some really impressive social phenomena that the show has on its nose.

Here are some of the craziest.


Siegfried and Roy are attacked by their tigers

S05E10: "$ pringfield" aired in 1993, 2003, the bright entertainment duo came up with the idea that Roy was mangled and partially paralyzed by the tiger [links] , 02

Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime Show

to know something about your future, ask [Simpson Familie]. Fabulous! @katyperry

– Gaby (@Gaby_Volcan) February 5, 2018

S23E22: "Lisa Goes Gaga" in 2012 predicted that the pop sensation would rock the Super Bowl celebrations in the middle of the game. In 2017 she did just that .


Trump is elected president

S11E17: "Beard Into the Future" made a joke about a dystopian future in which Donald Trump was somehow elected president. 16 years later, this ridiculousness actually came about. Mutant tomatoes

S11E5: "EIEI-D & # 39; oh!" debuted in 1999, and 14 years later mutant tomatoes began to rise in Japan after the Fukushima disaster . Autocorrection Frustrations


S6E19: "Lisa's Wedding" came out in 1995. In the episode, Lisa and Marge talk with a phone that has video capabilities, and lo and behold, annoying autocorrection. Sounds familiar?


Broken voter machine

S20E4: "Treehouse of the Horror XIX" came out in 2008. Then in 2012 happened exactly the same .


The discovery of "The God Particle"

S10E2: "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace" came out in 1998 and shows Homer on a blackboard with an equation written on it. This equation predicted the mass of an undiscovered particle: the Higgs boson or "God Particle" that ended was a great scientific breakthrough . The unexplained theft of a lemon tree


S6E24: "The Lemon of Troy" was aired in 1995. In the episode, residents of the rival city of Shelbyville stole a springfield lemon tree. Life imitated art when a lemon tree was uprooted for no reason just like 2013 . The Nazi spy scandal

The 2007 Simpsons film presented the NSA as this huge organization that spied on all American citizens. Now it might have been an exaggeration at the time, but it turns out that they got along quite well .


Lisa's fiancee from the future talks in his watch.


S6E19: "Lisa's Wedding" debuted in 1995, and now we have a wave by Smartwatches that do all sorts of crazy things .


TV Evangelists worship money


S7E12: "Team Homer" shows TV preachers obsessed with worshiping money. Then Pope Francis said this in 2013 .


America's Ebola "Breakout"

S9E3: "Lisas Sax" shows margin reading Curious George and the Ebola Virus 1997. In 2014 America had a lot , very afraid of Ebola . Horsemeat as a "secret" ingredient

S5E19: "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song", aired in 1994, with the midday spouse who places horse meat in children's menus. In 2013, a number of popular foods were found have horse meat in them .


FIFA corruption

S25E16: "You do not have to live like a referee" was aired in 2014 and shows a character that looked very similar to the same official arrested for corruption charges .


Hamburger earmuffs


S10E2: "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace" showed this strange fashion trend in 1998, long before this product was released in 2010 .


Greece's economic collapse.

S23E10: "Politically embarrassed, with Homer Simpson" was aired in 2012 and made a joke about Greece being sold on eBay. In 2015, Greece went bankrupt . 17

Ringo takes 20 years to write to his fans


S2E18: "Brush with Greatness" let Ringo say that he will write to each of his fans, even though he needs "20 years". In 2013, Paul McCartney responded by the Beatles to a letter of 50 years later r.


A man's prediction would win the Nobel Prize six years before them.

S22E1: "Primary School Music", aired in 2010, stating that a MIT professor would win the Nobel Prize in 2016.


Future Lisa Librarian was a robot.

S6E19: "Lisa's Wedding" debuted in 1995. Her college librarian was one Robots, and now, we now have robotic libraries. So there .


Baby translator

S3E24: "Brother, can you spare two groschen?" came out in 1992. The episode featured a baby translator that could let you know what your child is saying. Now there is an app that recognizes the type of cry your baby gives you .


Disney buys Fox

S10E5: "If you're on a star plate," nearly 20 years before Disney Fox bought, the animation studio giant prophesied its own 20th Century Fox in 1998. In 2017, Disney bought Fox for $ 66.1 billion.


Homer sells cooking fat for money.

S10E1: "Lard of Dance" came out in 1998, where Homer made a fast-paced Plan has to steal and sell fat. In 2013, thieves found smuggling fat for almost exactly the same reason .

I would like to know why the authors of The Simpsons do not use their future predictive powers forever. Or maybe there is a secret organization that forces them to convey their message in cartoon joke form so no one takes it seriously? Illuminati.

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