24 people who saw their shot and took it without hesitation

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They miss 100% of the shots they do not take.

Yes, it's an inspiring quote, and because our generation is daunted by anything hopeful, it's easy to reject it as idiotic and cheesy wishful thinking.

But just because we're a bunch of heartless cynics does not mean that cheesy quotes like these are not true, and if you still need proof, look at those people who actually saw their shots


This woman who slipped into Michael B. Jordan's DMs and actually worked.


When the same happened to Justin Bieber, but vice versa.


This guy with the very worst business card ever.


These two small children who thought they could sneak into the Black Panther despite their age of less than 13 years.


This guy who took a look at a gorgeous TSA agent and just had to let him know.


This girl who did for her sister what she could not muster the courage to do.


This landscape gardener who had the courage to write this guy's mother


This guy with a smooth dating profile powerpoint


And the girl who decided to give her crush the same point-by-point Reasoning why they should date.


Last Powerpoint dating profile, I swear.


There was this absolute madman who thought it was a good idea to shoot his shot with a woman … on her anniversary.


This guy took Kanye's advice and, well, it did not work out very well.


This girl, who tweeted her crush and got what was possibly the best answer ever.


This person who tried to find friends in a very unconventional way.


There was this student who entrusted his professor some reverse psychology to get his grade up.


Ballistic students seem to be one trend. Like this one, who crushed a class and only asked to be excused from the finale.


This guy who did not have much of an opening line to bring to the table, but persisted anyway.


This woman who let a man know how she really felt him.


This young woman who has sent this creative application to Spotify


This guy went far beyond cover lettering with this amazing rap music video so he could work for Spite.


This guy tried to take an injection for his brother, but he did not feel it.


Then there was this girl who had submitted a grimes-style rap as her cover letter for an application.


We can not forget this mother who actually made and made this amazing pizza shot ,


And this girl, who, in a rare case of not-creeping with Uber, decided to organize a way to ask him.

And it actually worked .

Well, that's just to show people, sometimes the risk of humiliation and kills is worth it.

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