25 "Artists" Who Should Hold on to Their Day Jobs

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One of the hardest things for a burgeoning creator is to appreciate his work. In this gig-economy there is no shortage of people who want to use zealous talents willing to work for "experience", and even those who have worked for years sometimes feel insecure when negotiating rates.

In this sense, it is a miracle to see someone who, in mastering his craft, has a way to go out into the world with a thousand confidence.


Like this person who thought her skills impressive enough to finance the Deadpool hype.



Or this guy who expected someone to buy this drawing after her original patron blocked her over it.


This optimist really believed that someone out there was paying hundreds for this Harley Quinn horror show would.


It actually seems that many people have the impression that it is there is a huge market for hand-drawn tents


Seriously Much


TFW note the price tag


It is unclear whether this is supposed to be Willie Nelson or Kyle MacLachlan, but it will certainly be your dream to pursue tonight.


Ah, yes, the perfect gift for the family member you hate.


But not only celebrities. People are out here to spot your childhood memories and try to demand it.


Because legitimate superhero merch is scarce and prohibitively expensive