26 memes that will find skincare addicts feel breathable AF

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For some, skin care is just another part of their daily hygiene regimen. Wipe off a facial peel in the shower or makeup before going to bed. Then there are those of us for whom skincare is a hobby, a passion, a way of life.

Every skin care addict knows there are ups and downs on the way to sharpening and grooming Perfect Routine – the time we spend on it usually feels like a self-care retreat but after a long day it can feel like a burden and sometimes we get a little bit tired of looking for imperfections in the mirror.

Here are 26 realities obsessed with being obsessed with skincare products that make you say, "It's just funny because it's true."

There are times when you are so tired, you wish your face could just wash itself.

2. But you know you'll regret it in the morning if you do not …

3. So you're doing ( usually) the effort.

4. They have pleaded guilty to delaying skin care under the guise of "relaxing".

5. You have declined invitations because you have already started your night routine.

6. You are not hoarding multiple of your favorite products.

7. Yeah, breakups suck, but have you ever thought that you had a big skin day just to mercilessly pull the lighting in the bathroom office back to reality?

8. You take advice from beauty gurus, celebrities, and other genetically blessed people with a giant grain of salt.

9. And you have to bite your tongue if this friend, who never breaks out, wants to recommend you products.

10. But of course you occasionally override your own routine.

11. You must stop yourself from buying new products that you damn well do not know yet.

12. Sometimes you are attracted to sweet packaging.

13. Despite your undaunted love for products, gender marketing can be confusing.

14. We all just try to have healthy, flawless skin, right?

15. Skin care is all about consistency, but you can not feel deceived when a new product is over Night does not work miracles.

] 16. And you have exaggerated it with treatments in the eager pursuit of smooth skin.

17. Even if you accept that the results take time, it can be difficult to tell if you are actually making progress.

18. You've spent so much time exploring products, you're basically an expert on AHAs, BHA and retinoids.

19. You become a bit too enthusiastic when friends and family ask you for your recommendations.

20. You know that lifestyle is also a factor, even if you do not always want to admit it.

21. But you are beginning to adopt better habits.

22. Because your skin will not stay so elastic forever.

23. If life feels overwhelming, your routine will keep you organized.

24. Although sometimes it feels like your skin has its own head.


26. Honestly, sometimes you can be your own worst enemy.

27. But at the end of the day, you know that your commitment to skin care will pay off.

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