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Chrissy Teigen has just found out that it is now "illegal" that Donald Trump blocked Twitter users

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Chrissy Teigen has found that it is now "illegal" Donald Trump is blocking Twitter users

One huge reason why the constitution, along with our rights, exists in this constitution is to prevent the government from having too much power over the people.

Our ability to criticize government and politics numbers, however, and whenever we want and make sure they hear these criticisms and complaints, makes America what it is.

An increasingly popular form of communication is social media, a platform that Donald Trump took advantage of by hurling people online to reach the White House.

The Internet is that you are basically connected to the rest of the world if you have active profiles. I Your name means people find you on these media and pretty much say everything can do what you want. If you do not like what they have to say, you can block them and create a safe space for yourself.

But because he is the president and everything, and a public figure in English:…=view&id=167 Civil Service position, the Supreme Court ruled that it can not prevent people from tweeting online without violating the First Amendment.

Judge Naomi Reice ruled that Trump's @realdonaldtrump Account has access to Dan Scavino, "Social Media Director" of the White House, and they "exercise a government control over certain aspects" of the account that Trump can not prevent anyone from following the account.

"The view-based exclusion of individual claimants from the said public forum is prohibited by the First Amendment and can not be justified by the personal First Amendment interests of the President, "wrote Buchwald

Although Judge Buchwald Donald Trump has not expressly ordered to release the accounts he already has Having forbidden to follow him and watch his tweets, Jameel Jaffer, the executive director of the Knight First Amendment Institute, says that it is self-evident that Trump is the "right thing" and will unlock all of his account.

"The position of the Trump government is that the president is entitled to block people and that the court is unable to order him The right thing for the president and his social media director would be to log in to the president's account and unlock everyone, which was blocked on the basis of the position, "said Jaffer.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice has stated that she "disagrees" with the court's decision and is considering her next move.

She has a long and storytelling Twitter career behind Trump on the social media platform

That finally came to a climax after nine years when Teigen dispatched this tweet.

Apparently, all their other insults, clapbacks and Shutdown's trump have not hurt as much as this tweet. Because it was the one who finally got him to block her.

Teigen found the whole situation funny because Trump used a stubbornly anti-liberal platform to help him, and as we all know, Liberals are often ridiculed for having "safe spaces "want.

Teigen looked like everyone else The news that Trump's people blocked on Twitter, was rated directly as a violation of the First Amendment, so they offered this tweet as an answer.

Looks like she's going to return to her trolling ways, and there's really nothing the President can do about it, unless he wants to violate the Constitution, he promised the American people.

And people are very excited.

Even though doughs shot down and r-uploaded the video for unknown reasons (aka when John wants to be in the background and not in some chaotic political stuff).

Looks like the Dough Trump Twitter drama is back on humans. (1945) nytimes )

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