Couple discovered "switch box" In the backyard was actually a safe filled with treasure

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Couple discovered "switch box" In the backyard was actually a safe with treasure

If you I grew up on cheesy action-adventure movies like myself playing in the early '20s or' 30s, and then you're probably wary of old treasures and the inevitable curses they'll inflict on you.

I know, it seems like an irrational fear, but the idea that my greed and my craving for a "shortcut" to fame and fortune leads to a final and terrible curse , something I'm worried about, because they are not real (probably). The idea of ​​grave robbery is not important to me because I do not want to visit any supernatural creatures that haunt me to the end of the world.

But at old artifacts I draw the border. If I have an old safe or something that has been around for the past few centuries, and it is filled with money and goods from the present day, I believe it best, I take this stuff with a clear conscience or fear of reprisals.

So I can not understand for my life why this couple would do what they did when they discovered a rusty safe behind some trees in their garden. A safe they longest thought of was just an electric box. It was not.

This rough-looking box was on her property. This rugged-looking box contained $ 52,000 in cash, gold and diamonds. This rude-looking box could be their next decadent holiday. A double-or-nothing "bet on black" single-game roulette. A brand new compressor Audi. A $ 52,000 Bitcoin Investment

And Matthew and Maria Colonna Emanuel decided they could not keep it. You could have said, "Finders Keepers." They could easily have kept the money and all the belongings. But there is a reason why they did not do that.

It's because the couple are decent people. In addition to all the loot spotted, these two statesmen found a piece of paper.

On this paper was an address.

Because they have a conscience or whatever, they knew that they had to contact the person whose name was on the address and, as it turned out, that person was their neighbor.

So you knocked on your door and asked if they had ever broken in. Turns out they were and the police reports from 2011 prove it.

So the couple let their neighbors know that they had their safe safely, which of course people admired. Because it is very easy to talk about keeping it in this situation, remember all the excuses?

Presumably they have taken out insurance.


That's fate, the universe pays attention to me.

or the most compelling:

finder, b **** it.

Twitter people not only praised the couple for their honesty …

… but they also had a lot of questions for everyone who stole the safe.

For example, if they intend to go back and make sure after you stole it, why did you never go back and pick it up? Why should they keep it so close to the scene?

And then some people basically told the same joke.

The story also inspired some hopeful treasure hunters grabbing a shovel and in their backyards work

And others complained of their own misfortunes.

Honestly, however sad it may sound, I know many people who happened to pass $ 52,000 just means they have less debt than before. #StudentLoanLife.

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