Everyone has a nostalgia party over old answering machine messages

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Do you remember answering machines? If you said no, you are too young, go away. Grow up a bit. One day the phone with which you read this will make no sense.

But for the Ancients there is a new fun game called # 90sAnsweeringMachineMessages for you. It's about as it sounds. What is a message you would leave or receive on your old message system? What did people get when they called you and nobody answered? A lot of nostalgic references, that's it.

You may know some of them:

Although some people literally share what their voicemail message was actually in the 1990s:

You-" Hey "
Caller-" So I wanted to know if y ….. "
You-" GOT YOU! I'm sorry I did not come to the phone, you know what to do when you peep " # 90sAnsweeringMachineNews

– Suzie Apex (@Suzie_Apex) 2 May 2018

Others had a warning from the future:

They also referred to certain other technologies forgetting the time:

But my personal favorites are now the same as they were back then:

If only someone …