Everyone is looking for this man who had a complete meltdown on people speaking Spanish

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Everyone is looking for this man who had a complete meltdown on Spanish-speaking people

With Donald Trump in office, discrimination and violence is on the rise . In fact, much of it is state-funded. The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Control has massively increased since taking office arrests schools homeless shelters domestic violence court cases hospitals . These viral video horror people show what happens when a great Trump supporter thinks he can change power. ICE has to destroy people's lives for their own little things.

Activist Shaun King shared a video in a fresh kitchen in midtown Manhattan of a man who had a total meltdown because two workers spoke in Spanish.

He escalates to the statement that they are unlikely to be documented and are being supported through his welfare money through his taxpayers' money. Yes, they are clearly employed, but this racist will not be defeated by logic.

He then threatens again with ICE because of the "crime" of speaking a second language. He outshines the whole by calling one of the women fat.

The video is terrifying for so many reasons that it's hard to pick just one.

But it was not long before the guy was discovered. King claims that the man is a lawyer named Aaron Schlossberg, and his day has just taken a turn.

Even this viral celebrity is of little interest to the economy.

A lot of people were reminded of the video of a white woman who addressed the police because of a group of black people having a barbecue in Oakland.

Some people said they were surprised that someone living in Manhattan could be so shocked and horrified by someone speaking Spanish Racism is everywhere Unfortunately, there are many of these types of men in Manhattan, and I hope he is exposed

– Genesis Molina.

(@ MoGen158) May 16, 2018

In the meantime, the man in question may have ripped the phone cord out of the wall, as he may have an anger management problem. Still, he is still safer than all men, women and children in the hands of ICE. And that's Trump's America.