Girl is fired from her job on target after a prank becomes viral

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Pranks are the worst, but if done right, they can get you a lot of attention. Bad Attention

Twitter user @ Delilah810 took that the hard way after her "prank" on her best friend in the parking lot of a Target became viral. In it, she pushed the friend, who is sitting in a shopping cart, in a nudge. It looks pretty gnarled, but the friend was seemingly intact:

They look as if they have an explosion to be fair, but it's a pretty dangerous thing to do , Darn, I sound old!

@ Deliliah810's tweet went pretty well, but then she added an update:

It seems to be cold though. Perhaps because she has managed to maintain her friendship despite everything:

Although many fans of @ Deliliah810 are just running out of the mill Twitter users who vid a good parking disaster There are also a lot of people who work or work at Target.

Man, when pushed into a push on a working day, what are the Target employees doing when they're having a barbecue?

But there are a lot of people who enjoy this story, even if they have no personal connection with Target.

And they love them, no matter what they did:

Because they hate destination:

Do not worry, there are many other companies that can use @ Delilah810's abilities:

Find your way and follow him it

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