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Guy happens to find out that wife named her son after her first love

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Letting go of the past is hard, especially if it's an event or a person who sets you on a deeply emotional Level.

And if your relationship with this person comes to an end and you feel rejected, it can hurt a lot.

There's a Reason Why Most The popular songs are about heartbreak. Because we all know the feeling. Damn, even if you've never had a particularly painful separation, you can still imagine what it would be like, because the yearning for an important other is a feeling so deeply rooted in everyone.

Now I know that this may be a shock, but believe it or not, some people start new relationships with people, even if they are not about another person. In fact, they will continue in a new relationship, even though they secretly wish they were back with their ex! The nerve, right? As common as this reality of life is, there are also some people who push their obsession too far with their ex-way. Like this woman who seemed to think she was smooth and named the son she had after her first love with her new husband

The worst part? The guy had no idea and probably found it the worst way out.

Reddit Users BillNyes-InnerThigh reported how the unfortunate find occurred in Reddit's relationship counselor subreddit asking other Internet peeps for advice on how to deal with this shocking To continue discovery.

But there are some things that make this particular discovery somehow worse. Like the fact that the name of his wife ex is really unique.

So it's not like something you can imagine, it's a common name and a total coincidence.

Shockingly enough, it is a common occurrence for people who are still obsessed by their ex calling their child after them. Like that guy's brother-in-law

And there was the mother of this woman, who gave her daughter the unfeminine version of her ex-name and then called her son's second name of that guy.

OP promised to bring the good people of Reddit up to date as soon as he confronted his wife because of the name.

There were some people who came worst

While others tried to find a way to humanize his wife in this situation.

Not like the fact that they died, make it alright, but it does not do it that bad in a morbid way.

OP does not believe that this is the case.

Others found a less traumatic way for the boy to change his name.

Although, as he gets older and learns the truth, it could screw him up.

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