Humans have collected racist notes in their diapers that they have purchased on target

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Since Trump entered the White House, there has been an increase of hate crimes in particular of White racist groups . According to the nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center, the number of neo-Nazi groups has risen from 99 to 121, as an example. The thing with the neo-Nazis and other racist organizations is that they are made up of ordinary people with normal jobs.

Buzzfeed News Reports that people have tweeted that they find racist note cards laminated in their boxes with Pamper diapers in the Virginia area , The cars read "It's alright to be white," on a page in capital letters.

On the other hand, the map contains website information for white-superior organizations such as Blood and Soil. All diaper boxes found with the message were reportedly purchased at Target:

The tweets have been around since mid-March, but it took a while for Pampers and Target to respond.

Many people have reported that they have found the cards; it is not an isolated incident.

And they are extremely disturbed.

Mothers exchange stories about finding them offline too.

And they try to figure out where they come from:

Popville spoke with an anonymous buyer who had found one of the cards in an order. The person identified himself as a person of color and says his child is biracial. She wrote in a message that she had been frightened by the stories in the news about the growing violence in the US, but letting her come home was another level of disruption.

"The day I opened this and found it in the box, I started shaking, I was angry, I was disgusted, I was scared, I have a little kid She's half white, but for a neo-Nazi I will not hate her, you'll hate her as well … Friends have asked me if I think they've targeted me for my surname whether my name or my husband's name is on the label .My. I do not feel I was targeted. "

" I think someone has these in boxes in the warehouse in Put the hope in the hands of the right people Calling the police or FBI is ridiculous Even though it's shitty, it's protected speech So they are allowed to do that So, what's the point of sharing that? We all know that it happens everywhere and it can be every single one of us touch us. No matter how benign it may seem to some of you. For a person with color and the white people who love them, it is important. "

It was also hard to tell if the person who did it worked at Target, even though that's where the maps came from." An employee named Jenna told Buzzfeed Because of the construction of the diaper box, we also think that the laminated card must have been pushed through the handles of the box, however "We have no way of knowing where and when or who would have pushed them in," she explained. "Unfortunately, this card was not recognized by our team member during the packaging process because we would not have opened the sealed diaper box to check the contents."

However, according to a recent statement by Target spokesman Joshua Thomas, the internal investigation eventually identified the culprit.

"After we were made aware of the situation, we immediately initiated a thorough investigation and stop it," Thomas said. "We have identified the source, and as this is a violation of our policies and our obligation to be inclusive, the team member has terminated."

They did not explain how they found out who was employee

One of the people who found the cards, Tad Russell, says this is not the first time that this almost exact scenario has occurred in the area in interview with WRCB TV

"It said" It's okay, white "and I looked at the back and there were only five or six websites I recognized language that was used at the end of last year from the incident in Charlottsville," he said.

Russell seems to be baffled by the one who is this person and seems to be ready to put them in order if they want to talk.

"It's really hard to understand why someone argues that it's okay to be one thing, but not something else," Russell said. "I really hope they know there are good people out there who care enough to talk to you."

For some reason, it seems unlikely that anyone has gone. The trouble of laminating hate greeting cards is open to sound discussion. But the offer is out there when they get the message.

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