Joel Embiid comes out of the NBA finals, but his social media presence continues

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Joel Embiid's exit from the NBA finals, but his social media presence continues

Joel Embiid has become one of the hottest social media products in the entire athletics. He is funny, involved in pop culture, is active on his social media and it does not hurt that his team – the Philadelphia 76ers – was one of the NBA's hottest teams after years of "refueling" for high-tension. Although he missed 2+ seasons because of an injury, his talent and charisma kept him in the foreground.

One of the first things that made Embiid commentators, fans and non-fans. Fans alike was his crush on pop star Rihanna. Embiid was known to ask Rihanna for an appointment that would start in 2014. The pop star replied that she would say yes if he started an NBA All Star team. It has since become the stuff of legend. The entire "Affair" was extensively documented . It was not long before the media intervened in the story.

He also did not hesitate to take matters into his own hands , Here he confesses his love for her to TMZ Sports.

TNT Even this season he came to him in the square, when he actually made an all-star team. Turns out that Embiid has his pride.

This has not yet dampened Embiids fans of creation and contribution to some memorable memes. They even use them to stage Hollywood.

But Embiid's effect would have diminished if his team had not been successful on the court. The 76ers – with the help of Embiid, who plays most of the season, and new Red Shirt rookie Ben Simmons – have taken the league by storm this year and catapulted themselves into the 3 seeds in the Eastern Conference. They then sent with the Miami Heat in a short 5 game series and earned enthusiastic first-choice praise Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade.

However, the enthusiasm of superstar veterans will not make you into social media keep busy. Embiid's talent keeps him in the limelight, for example. But also the sheer power of his personality.

On March 28, Embiid collided with rookie Markelle Fultz as both chased a loose ball. As a result, Embiid missed the last month of the season and had to be treated for a fractured orbital bone and a concussion – including surgery. As a result, he had to wear the above mask to protect his health while continuing to heal while playing in these playoffs. Embiid, of course, has found a way to capitalize on it. And stay in a good mood. The pain killers led to a certain hilarity on his Twitter, including a return visit to his "lost love".

He tried through the pain during Kansas (his alma mater) vs.. Villanova (the later national champion) during the NCAA tournament shortly after his operation, but his Jayhawks were led out of the gym, leading to this hilarious tweet, the Embiids feeling in that moment of recovery with the Batman villain Two-Face / Harvey Dent compares by Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight ).

Joel noted that the intense image of the mask was a nice hook and decided to use the image to instill fear in the hearts of opposing fans and opponents in much the same way as another Phantom (the opera) struck fear into the hearts of performers and spectators of a fictional theater in French literature and modern musicals.

The Sixers Followed and Formulated Emb Iid's media literacy would be marketable for the brand of the team as a whole.

Embiid has apparently learned to be himself and to trust himself as much as the process ("Trust the Process" became a mantra for the reconstruction of the Sixers, as the former GM Sam Hinkie coined the term in an interview – Embiid has adopted the term and made capital out of it. "The Process" is his nickname, as you can see on your own banner Twitter Page .

Embiid's sense of humor and charisma has made him a source of anger for opposing fans.

However, I doubt he would be the source of great attention if he did not live up to his all-star standards. And although the Sixers lost Game 1 of their series with Boston (in Boston) on Monday night, Embiid appeared.

I'm wondering if his auditioning routine ever did that.

But that's exactly why Embiid is such a great episode, regardless of your interest in basketball or sports in general. He is a larger than life figure who does not hide his humanity, his exuberance or his youth. He exudes charisma and talent and is thus Promogold.

And he has some prominent admirers, including Philly's own Will Smith:

Rapper Meek Mill (who attended the Sixers series- Victory in Game 5 Against the Heat, fresh from his release from jail in an Embiid jersey):

What led to some funny sends elsewhere on social media:

Embiid's unique blend of alien talent and infectious personality helps him fit in well with today's youth culture and internet / meme culture, which is why – assuming good health – he is likely to remain an influential personality in the future as well his career. He can ball and he can brand.

He does not like wearing the mask very much …

… but his fans buy the image he projects with it.

And so are Philly shops, such as Evil Genius Brewery

And due to his personality and his social media skills, he supplies fodder for all kinds of creative / hilarious material, both on and off the court.

And his skills and sympathy have certainly helped him assert himself in basketball and help him preserve his authentically humorous superhero status – even in the eyes of the youngest (and most popular) recent Philly basketball legend.

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