"Laurel" or "Yanny"? The audio clip that puzzled us all

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It's been three years since the dress baffled the Internet.

For those in need of a refresher, a bride's mother sent this photo of the dress she wanted to wear to her daughter's wedding, only to find that the two were over the color did not agree.

This debate caught viral attention after a friend of the bride had posted the image on Tumblr and nobody on the internet could vote to what they have seen.

There used to be a new kind of controversy about Twitter when people were asked which of these words they heard in this clip:

And, as it appears on the Internet, all their versions are correct. Laurel wtf

– Adelaine MÄ RIN (@AdelaineMorin) May 15, 2018

Then there are those of us who still can not decide after a long search in us.

Granted, some are more devoted to the debate than others:

As it turns out and how these tiny little underpants highlight,

Apparently You can hear "yanny" at low volume with little to no bass and "laurel" when volume and bass are high

It stumbles everyone and makes lowkey us question * everything *

Oh, internet, where are we going from here.