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Millennials had the best answers to articles that says they should "work only longer"

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Millennials had the best answers to articles that says they should "work only longer"

Pretty much everything costs more now. I'm not just talking about inflation, I'm talking value.

Apparently, after this Politico article you are expected to work only longer, rather than, as you know, the laws to make sure the top 1% do not control even more of the wealth they already control.

The gut response of many people to the article was a simple one:

People did not buy the whole "suck it up" and "pull up your your bootstraps "argument.

Probably because the bootstraps are exorbitantly overpriced and you need to finance a pair that will bring you impossible interest rates that will keep you forever in economic slavery.


The article reacted to the article with all sorts of dark jokes.

While others resolved the scribe's argument, in its essence.

But then there were those who started to serve facts – and it is that Millennials, though ridiculously educated, knowledgeable and skilled, are underpaid compared to previous generations.


It does not matter that many basic tasks can be solved with computer automation. So you have people sitting in workplaces that can innovate and do mindless tasks.

] The fact that it is "normal" for students To be tens, and in some cases hundreds of thousands in dollars of debt for majors and professions that are no longer (inflation-adjusted) pay as crazy as one generation ago

It's Enough

I mean, I've come across my fair share of defeatist millennials who do not hold to the fire and yearn for their dreams. But for those who are, there is no question that commercial advertising is against them today.

And we already see the effect of it.

My own father is 65 years old and now rushes only to a property that has owned his family for decades.

But that's just the way it goes now, I think!

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