People lose it over a student who mistakenly sent the wrong file to a teacher

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People lose it over a student who accidentally sent the wrong file to a teacher

A guy named Alex Sparrow claims that he made the cardinal sin of all sleepless students everywhere and sent his teacher the wrong attachment. It could have been a series of catastrophic things, but it ended up looking like a photo of a cat sneezing? Not exactly sure what makes this cat's face, to be completely honest.

Sparrow, of course, freaked out, but the internet was thrilled. Would he get into trouble? Would the professor fail him? Is this cat okay? I'll keep you up to date when my professor comes back to me

– Alex Sparrow (@BBMBennett) 20 April 2018

He promised updates and shared the thread's thread, where all his friends freaked out about the cat bug. The cat photo seems to be known:

These are all wonderful news, except for the part where this is not his cat. Where is this famous cat?

People are absolutely passionate about the story and the mysterious beast:

Save the haters who believe it is wrong. Everything on the internet is FAKE ?! Lol

– Michael Maritty (@michael_martiny) April 21, 2018