People Use Kate Spade's Death to Begin a Serious Conversation on Depression

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People use Kate Spade's death to begin a serious conversation about depression

It's easy to take a cynical approach to consumerism. To the world of fashion and frivolous purchases.

I always get annoyed when someone appreciates the brand arsenal as a name brand, and I find it pretty disgusting when people seem to care more about being successful than actually succeeding in something to do their life that is fulfilled and meaningful for them.

The kind of person who goes off his masterpiece in the seminal post Malone Beerbongs and Bentleys are like that woman's: "her bag Chanel / but she drives one Durango. "

Spending Money on Gucci Belt When Lending Gas Lease A new Lexus while you live with your parents and take photos of them on Instagram with "inspiring" comments means that your priorities are in the wrong place and you are somehow pathetic. But that does not mean that the beautiful things in life are wrong because it is not so

For many people who earn these beautiful things by hard work or deal with something To celebrate an honesty milestone, the world means for you. That's why I appreciated the video games I got after I broke my ass at school or saved enough money when the rich kids just got the game on a Tuesday from their parents because they just existed ,

One of the best things about buying these finer things is when you give them to someone else. I love to surprise my wife with presents and see her face light up when I show her. One of her favorite designers was Kate Spade, who unfortunately committed suicide recently

The news left many people shocked and expressed their condolences to influential people from designer family

People are now using Spade's suicide (19459006). 19459002)

Many do it by sharing photos and stories about what their designs mean to them.

For others, it was about the gift of giving.

Some people showed their more unconventional design and how much it meant buying a new bag .


For many, Spade's products represented the first "real" purse they had ever bought, and the great feelings that came with getting what they really wanted.

For many people it helped them to cope in difficult environments

Others testified to the quality of Spade's products. For a bag from the 90s, that's pretty impressive.

Your suicide reminiscent of this depression can affect us all. But you can get help.

My condolences to Kate Spade's family in this difficult time.

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