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Ryan Reynolds admits he's making most of the interviews as Deadpool now tapping with fear

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Ryan Reynolds admits he now dominates most Deadpool interviews with fear

Sometimes it's hard for Ryan Reynolds to separate the actor from his larger-than-life screen as Deadpool.

He posts things from his own social media accounts that seem to be in the voice of his character:

Shows up at his personal friends & # 39; homes in full costume:

And is a funny fool on Twitter, as Deadpool in every screen appearance:


– Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) August 7, 2016

In a recent interview with the New York Times Reynolds admits that this is no coincidence. He explains that he is afraid and has dealt with it in various ways.

"I'm scared, I was always scared," he explains. "I'm carefree in that" I'm worried about this kind of thing, and I was in the depths of the darker end of the spectrum, that's no fun. "

The face of a major Marvel movie franchise has sometimes exacerbated it, especially as it was his turn to be Green Lantern at the box office.

"If there's a built-in expectation, your brain always handles that as a danger," he said.

So, how does he deal with that? Reynolds admits that There was a time in his twenties when he treated his anxiety by celebrating.

"I have been celebrating and just trying to make myself disappear in some way," he said, Reynolds turned from being self-medicated after losing friends to an overdose even though he was still frightened at times.

Being in the limelight means from interviews to anxiety to respond to television appearance, as well as all the big budget Shooting days. Reynolds claims that he meditates, usually with the help of an app. But he also claims to make many of his interviews into Deadpool's character, though the people who interview him may not realize it.

"When the curtain opens, I turn this knucklehead on, and it somehow takes over and leaves when I leave the set," he said. I think if you jumped off a cliff, you might as well fly. "

It's great that Reynolds talks about a common problem for humans which is often overlooked or left untreated, though few people can rely so much on relieving Deadpool. But the character means a lot to many people.

Reynolds has taken his Deadpool role to special events for children and invited Make-A-Wish participants to meet so they can meet their hero.

He also visited hospitals as Deadpool with his Avenger, Chris Pratt:

Ryan Reynolds has super powers, and he is ready to share them on-screen and in real life.

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