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Students Fasting During Ramadan Are Already Afraid of Their Exams

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Growing up as a Muslim, I began fasting early on because I thought God would answer my prayers more quickly ,

"If I rob myself of food and pray, I will finally get Wolverine's healing factor!"

Decades of worship and food deprivation But no superpowers later, the whole religion has made me a little mad, but that does not mean I've forgotten what it's like to fast and the struggles that many of my Muslim friends and parishioners endure during the holy month. More specifically, during the exam time

The cursing of food and water for a certain amount of time was always easy for me (in fact, I was a good Muslim boy and even fasted extra days during the year), but I knew many students who had a hard time focusing on exams during Ramadan, because they needed the sweet energy that made their brains work.

And now that we are in the holy month for Muslims, people are already emphasizing how they will learn through the Exam while fulfilling their religious obligations.

If you grew up in a religious household, regardless of the Religion, perhaps you have found it difficult to reconcile your modern existence with the expectations of your faith. I know that I fed on my fair share of unhealthy guilt because I missed a prayer or did not read enough Koran or walked into the mosque enough.

And in my mood right now I could probably give a million and one reason why you should not fast if you have an exam. Those who have caffeine addiction knows how brutal withdrawal symptoms may occur at 12-13 pm

– 📿 (@Adnanaminlt) ] May 10, 2018

I could say, hey, look first, fasting does not really bring much at the end of the day. If the goal is to "feel" like those who are less fortunate than you, then the whole fasting farce is a kind of farce, as most people do.

You wake up before the sun breaks through the night so you can stuff yourself with food. Then you do not drink or eat for hours, but you know, the second the sun goes down, you can get involved in whatever you want. It's not that poor people know that when the day is over, they'll have Taco Bell or whatever delicious food their family has prepared for them all day. So it's not like you really understand the plight of a poor person – you just get tired and hungry for no reason.

But in practical terms, if God exists, then he wants probably that you're doing the best you can in life, right? And if you know that food does not confuse you so much that it interferes with your ability to score well in an exam or be productive during the day, then you're not only doing you a disservice but also God

An almighty Creator of the Universe does not need you to take food for you as a sacrifice, it's not as if he gains anything from it. So if it's a big obstacle, do not do it. Simple

Of course there will be people who shame you for your decision but if you want to become quite religious, only God can judge someone, right? And it's not as if fasting is illegal or anything, so drink your water, drink your tuna salad, drink your espresso, if you want – it's alright, I do not think you'll burn braziers forever, brains cooking for the appreciation of your future because they feel shame from a religious community.

But on the other hand, there are some individuals dealing with much more strenuous ones Have been busy learning as fasting. Take 90's NBA star Hakeem Olajuwon

Being such a great player, his teammates bothered their training times better to train him better. Hakeem was ready to get it going, and there are a lot of Muslims worried about their exams, who have found ways to do the same.

It just means that all priorities will be redefined need fasting work for you. So if you really want to do it, then I appreciate that you can do it, or at least make honest efforts.

This Twitter user seems to have it Everything has crystallized out and many of my friends who have had trouble learning during Ramadan have used tricks to get away with it.


The one thing I can promise is that you have to pray for something with no proven effect on the result. So, if food does not seriously affect your ability to learn, then God will not help you get involved.

I mean, if that were so, I would have Wolverines forces already and I would preach about how crazy you must be to not fast.

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