The reaction of a "dirty" guy to a mother trying to make an example of him is perfect

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The reaction of a & # 39; dirty & # 39; Guys on a mother trying to make an example of him is perfect

There is this perception that humans have and it is that things that are "simpler" , almost always better.

What is true in most cases, you should not waste your time with things that are not worth it, if you do not spend so much time with other aspects of your life much more important. It's as if obsessed with the kind of cheese you serve for a friendly get-together while you do a job you hate and your CV collects dust and had to be updated three years ago.

You should definitely be ready to get your hands metaphorically "dirty" to make your dreams come true.

Especially if that is actually dirty work. For some people, success does not mean that they spend all day in an office or behind a computer – they like to work with their hands and occasionally get dirt on them. And it does not make you any less a person who enjoys this kind of lifestyle.

A lesson that Andy Ross hopes he will give to a young girl and her mother during a visit to the store when he had some dirt on his face. He shared the message on Facebook where he was shared over 163,000 times.

Andy writes that the child was staring at his dirty face, which did not bother him until the young girl's mother tried to give him an example of "why you should stay in school".

So today I had a very interesting "educational" conversation with a woman and her daughter. When I entered the store before I came home, a little girl stared at me. What is in order. I know that children are curious when they see someone, especially as dirty as me. They landed in front of me when I checked out. The little girl was still staring, her mother telling her to stop staring. When they were done and went to the door, I heard her mother say softly to the little girl, "so you have to stay in school." I thought that was a great time to raise this mother and her 7/8 year old daughter. The following is our conversation:

First of all, I happen to be a very educated filthy man. Not only do I have a high school diploma, I also have a university degree and many medical certificates. The assumption that I am uneducated because of my appearance is in itself quite ignorant.

Secondly, if you tell your daughter to stay in school because I tattooed my arms, it will suppress her creativity and possibly hinder her imagination, how it develops. Again, contradictory to your point, Ma'am. I'm proud of my tattoos and artwork that Forrest Bateman put on my body. It is a representation of my pride in my country and my service over several combat tours as a Special Operations Medic.

Third, if you refer to this statement on the hat (not pictured) I wear, because it has a moose, you may not understand it. I happen to be co-owner Evergreen State Outdoors and I'm proud to own an outdoor company and support my hunting rights and to be a responsible gun owner.

Finally, I decided in favor of a construction industry. I am proud to say that I am part of America and I enjoy my job every day. I tried to do a desk job when I quit duty and it was not for me. I like working with my hands and I'm outside. After that, it sometimes comes to be dirty. I make good money, have social benefits and am able to care for my family without any problems. So my appearance does not reflect my intelligence or a higher level of education.

I left the two with a simple final statement of "Have a good day and trials, Do not judge people before you know anything about them. Good luck with their little girl "

Today's Hour for the Day:

1 Do not judge at first sight.
2-tu, what you love and enjoy and it never works.
3-blue collar jobs are the best jobs. You can pay great and it is not always with a price tag.
4-education is important, but college does not guarantee you anything.
5 Experience, hard work and dedication allow you to succeed in your career path.
6-Do not be an asshole parent educating your kids to an asshole.
7. If you try to offend one's intelligence and educational level, do not allow yourself to be educated by this filthy man.
8- I need a shower

People loved his post and the "lesson" (19459002) 19459002)

And of course there were people who found a problem with the message he wanted to convey.

Equally offensive to people who engage in "dirty jobs" is the appropriation of "hard work culture," which the former moderator Mike Harke explained in detail on this Facebook post -blasting "fake mud jeans."

The part of the post summarizing his reasoning hits the nail on the head of people "mocking" hard work:

If Nordstrom wants to carry them, the description would be something like this:

"Finally – a pair of jeans for the busy gentleman who does not really want to wear them – the Borax Wash is so sturdy and so manly it does not even need a human to hold it! So sit back back and relax, knowing that your work trousers can not be folded or stowed like other jeans Show the world you mean by owning the only jeans that can not be worn! The jeans alone can stand! "

$ 600 – only at Nordstrom

And if you really want a "dirty" pair of jeans, you could just do it:

But I think that would be too much "dirty" for some people To handle work.

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