These Golden Retrievers have teamed up with a toddler for the perfect robbery

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Pets are our loving companions who bring us so much joy and happiness. They always try to beat us for goodies. Dogs do everything for a bite of bacon or crispy bone. Do not trust a dog!

These are the cheese puppies, Bleu and Colby, and from their naughty faces one can see they can not do anything:

Though they Doing a good job of getting people to quell their defenses with demands for belly rubbings and dog smiles:

But inevitably something goes under and they go to a doggo break in the box:

Do not be too sad for them, they have been trained in the box. It feels like her own little cave. A cave that unfortunately is without cheese.

The cheese boys have discovered a new weapon in their arsenal of snack manipulation. This is a toddler named Chloe, after Bored Panda:

Bleu and Colby have recognized that Chloe is a human from whom they can still get treats. She is one of them now.

But things escalated from the simple treatment that fell from the high chair. According to Nina and Chris, Chloe's parents, she has recently grown big enough to grab her trash can and dump food on the floor. This has made her even more famous with her dog siblings.

One morning Nina was quite surprised when she saw Chloe wandering down the hall because she was not big enough to open her bedroom door.

So they checked the bands:


The dogs know how to operate a door handle, and they decided that it was time to get fed. You can see on the baby monitor that they run in, kissing Chloe awake and then repeatedly pushing them to play with them. And feed her while she's at it.

"When 6 o'clock in the morning rolls and they have not been fed, they definitely go," Chris said to BP. "They definitely know exactly what they are doing, and Chloe purposely feeds them."

You should do something about it as soon as possible, otherwise the baby will never sleep after six in the morning! If animals have figured out how to feed them, it's over.

And these dogs LOVE food. In fact they became famous. Bleu and Colby originally went viral with a timelapse video of their desperate Dash for dinner:


Can you stand between these dogs and their croquettes? No, right now, where they have a baby on their side.

These three will conquer the world.

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