These people accidentally failed their office decoration and just went with them

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You ever show up to a party with your best friend and you end up with the same exact outfits?

I personally love that when it happens, but then again, it's a lot easier when it comes to many of my friends, because black T-shirts and dark blue pants are ours for some reason unofficial uniforms. (1945)


Now, it's one thing to copy the same outfit as a human being, that you may not like to discover or not, but it's another thing to find out completely that you've jacked your pride from an inanimate object.

Like, I

Journalist Ilona Burton says she was "ashamed" when she got to work and noticed that her Dress was basically made by the same designer who showed up with the carpet layout of her office. Despite her claim, she seems to be ticklish by accident.

It turned out that other people did exactly the same thing. Well, for Sharon Horgan, she happened to look like the floor in a bar she visited.

Hopefully, she will not get tipsy and will not fall to the ground, otherwise nobody will do it

In the wallpaper of their AirBnBs have become others thanks to the help of a faithful throwing blanket.

It happens happ of more than you would think


I mean these socks are basically invisible!

And this two-tone outfit job?




Attracting the attention of an orphan If you basically disguise yourself with the table, it can be difficult.

Who knew that furniture and clothing designers had a similar fabric taste?

Office coffee mug meets sweet work clothes

This black and white flourish pattern is laid out on everything today, is not it?


Convince everyone that your feet are part of your couch!

If this woman is trying to hide from her boss, then she does not have to exert herself too hard.

All she has to do is stand in front of a pillar – she is basically Solid Snake.

These women can take a break whenever they want, as long as they rock these clothes.

There is so much to do.

Burton's Tweet also brought up a very important question about the ubiquitous nature of a specific pattern design.

Seriously, many offices seem to have the same, staggered, multi-colored muted line design

What made people think of many possibilities , Well, the only way, really.

Burton's original post also inspired some clever photo -Shops.

You say Joy Division, I say Arctic Monk's "AM".

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