These second graders wrote heartrending essays about their mother's addiction

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These second graders wrote heartrending essays about their mother's addiction

When I was a kid, that was I own video games. Sure, I loved talking and photographing the breeze with a close-knit group of people, but any kind of sports or community play activities were not really my jam. Games were

My parents, who saw my insatiable, yearlong appetite for all the games I could get, fortunately made me play them in moderation. During the school year, I was only able to play them on weekends and only after completing all homework / projects.

When I reached college, I was not really into it so much anymore. Now I have a PS4 in my house as a pure formality, every time I turn it on, when friends come over to play, I have to update the thing to really start to play. It is enough to make me want to:

But that does not mean that the danger for me not to be addicted to another device is not there. I mean, it follows me almost everywhere, in my pocket, and that's my damn phone.

You know what it's like – unless you turn off notifications for certain apps on your phone It's constantly buzzing – between group text, Facebook posts, Instagram notifications, tweet responses, and Web browsing makes it very easy for your phone to consume your life. In fact, the average person spends 5 hours a day on his mobile .

The fact that I am so engrossed in a device unfortunately damages the relationships with people with whom you daily works together based IRL, especially those who are not so busy with their personal mobile devices, or even do not own a smartphone, like children.

Probably because they are not so obsessed When someone posts in the comment section on a Facebook post, the kids fall back on their parents' cell phone addictions. Do not believe me? Then take a look at these essay requests from second graders who have received a letter from their teacher: "Tell me about an invention you do not like, why?"

Four students independently wrote that they would wish the cell phone had never been invented because their parents did so spent a lot of time staring into their glowing plates instead of interacting with them.

Teacher Jen Adams Beason posted a photo of one of the solos in a now private Facebook post that was shared over 250,000 times:


Tell me about an invention that you do not like. Why?

If I had to tell you which invention I dislike, I would say that I do not like the phone. I do not like the phone because my window is on her phone every day. A telephone is sometimes a really bad habit. I hate my mother's phone and I wish she never had one. That's an invention that I do not like. Beason accompanied her post with this sad title:

] "I've had my second graders write about an invention they never created, and out of 21 students, 4 of them wrote about this topic: # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #offoyoyourkids"



"We had a group discussion on Facebook and each one of the students said that his parents spend more time with FB than they talk to their child." It was very enlightening for me, "said Abbey F auntleroy in the comment section.

What is really disturbing is that there is a direct link between children's behavioral problems and the neglect they suffer from their parents through Technology gives. Children are more likely to respond when their interactions with parents are constantly interrupted by mobile phones, tablets, TV shows, laptops, and so on.

There was a battle cry against parents who ignored their children because cellphones showed up everywhere in social media.

As this newspaper Julian Mazurkewicz noted when she picked up her child.

"You pick up your child!

Get down with your phone !!!!

Your child is happy to see you! Are you happy to see your child?

We saw how children tried to give their parents the work they had done, and the parent is on the phone. We heard a kid say "mom, mom, mom …" and parents pay more attention to their phone than their own kid. It's scary.

Get off your phone !!

The Post received over 2 million shares so far with people speaking "YASSING" throughout the commentary area

Some pointed to this that's a bit of a long road.

What do you mean? "Are the parents neglecting their children because they want to double-puncture Instagrams, they become an epidemic? Or is it overkill? I tend to bow to the former just because I know how addictive I am to my phone: I leave it my car or another room when I hang out with my family.

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