This awesome director accepted the cafeteria service when the lunch room was briefly occupied

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This awesome director accepted the cafeteria service when the lunch room was briefly occupied

School Administrator

While teachers engage with problematic students, they stay after class and pay school fees out of their own pockets, administrators have a reputation for being dirty at school be.

However, this brilliant Texas school principal is not one of these "invulnerable" school administrators. And she proved it on a busy breakfast morning when the cafeteria of her school was in short supply.

About 400 students were employed for breakfast at Mead Elementary School in San Antonio when Annette Lopez discovered the breakfast lines were reduced to a single snake. So she hit a hair net, an apron and some gloves and went to work.

] "When you serve so many students, there's no way a line makes it easy, I loved it and the kids had fun, (and) one of the kids said," Hey, I know "And I said, 'Yes, I am the principal,' said Lopez in an interview with the local news agency KSAT .

The children were glad to see their headmistress serving their breakfast, and when the teachers learned of Lopez's good deed, they pulled out their phones and caught to grab pictures of your client in action.

"The children loved it, they were like," Mrs. Lopez, I did not know that you are also a cafeteria lady. "And so I kept telling them," You know, the Headmasters do everything they need to. It came to the teachers, and then they began taking pictures. "

Like a true educator, Lopez transformed the moment into a teachable one.

"You kept saying, But you're the director. And I always said, "It does not matter what your job title is, if someone needs help then you do it," Lopez replied.

Online people were affected by Lopez's helpfulness in every situation.

They even began to divide ingenious educators into other instances Beyond Duty

When it comes to serving the children of your community, you are expected to do something outside of your specific job description.

The same is true of most jobs – if you are diligent and want things to be done, then how can you not be an advantage?

Or make the decision to make this extra mile to make your work even more special for you and your environment – who will not admire that?

Just look at the reputation you build for yourself when you do it – just make sure you get the respect you deserve and people do not Exploitation You are so bad that you burned out and neglected your other job responsibilities.

This same kind of positive attitude applies to your students and those who look up to you. You will want to follow the good example that you have set.

In return, they will make other people feel that they are feeling great when they take the time to do something healthy

Sure, it could be "cheesy" to make someone feel good when doing a good job, but only fatigued losers think that. Annette Lopez and other educators like you deserve a nod.

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