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This girl tweeted the time she convinced a liquor store She was her grandmother

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When you're young and desperate, you tend to get creative and it's usually something that in hindsight does not seem to be such a big deal.

As if you were arranging a complex way of going on an appointment with the girl / boy you're breaking. Or sneaking into the R-Rated movie, which was actually terrible (I look at you, The Cell ). Or, before you host a party, you'll get a few intoxicants so that you and your friends can get LIT.

Reaching your goal was all you could think about it, so in your despair, you've managed to find a way to get it done. But no matter how thoughtful your plan is, you must be 100% committed to actually do it.

These nerves of steel are what ultimately sell a plan and make people think twice before wondering if something is wrong or if you actually know what you are doing. Like the Twitter user who makes amazing booze purchases.

Reem managed to put her hand on her grandmother's valid ID.

There is only one problem: Reem is a young woman. Her grandmother is not that young.

But that did not stop her from driving to the local ABC supermarket with impeccable disguise and a bag full of confidence.

After Reem became self-employed, he decided to go broke and go inside.

She entered, took a couple of bottles of Burnett's Watermelon Vodka, looked the cashier in the face and. ..

… allegedly it actually worked.

That's right, Reem's icy veins have praised on Twitter and also on Twitter, some people wanted to follow in their footsteps.

But there were some people who were not so impressed by their antics.

This It was not the first time that someone put on a disguise to "beat the system", so to speak. There was this guy who told the epic tale how his sister made a big thieving mouse in different Sonic locations.

He even had the pictures to it to prove.

Why she wanted Maishunde and Sonic is beyond me, but it really worked.

This is the face of the victory right there.

Of course, like our friend Reem, it There was a group of people who pointed out that this was illegal.

But Fritz, who posted the tweet, insists that his sister returns to the Maishunden …

Do not try this at home, children.

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