This guy went to so much trouble to get the number of a tinder girl, and it quickly went wild

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This guy went to so much trouble to get the figure of a tinder girl and it became wild fast

It's one thing to meet someone with a dating app, but to actually meet them in real life, you need a catch. You can be super hot, or you can be super smart (and both in some unicorn instances). Reddit user BostelJ shared a conversation he had with a game on Tinder that really showed how smart he thinks he is, but it did not turn out quite as he hoped.

BostelJ offered to choose her own adventure conversation, and she did not decide to leave immediately, so he screens the whole thing:

It begins extremely ominously:

Ah, a curious woman. I also want to read the note.

Are you kidding me? That sounds like a murder case. But this is a woman who is much more sensible than me, I would definitely run away screaming. BostelJ seems very consciously setting his potential date for a horror movie experience:

Finally, he leads them to the deliverance from this evil tower and avoids them wisely this red herring outlet. Yes, get out, get out!

But there is another note:

This is new information. This is a setup.

At this point, Zundermädchen is like, "Take me away from here!" But a person appears on the coast: her love. Of course, she decides to run away from him. And he has the courage to run after her:


So he gets what comes to him, then dares to offend:

But do you know what? It's worked out.

Can you believe that she is ready to go on a real adventure with this guy? I think she knows what she's getting into.

And according to the comments, it turned out that she did not like it:

Well, it looks like he's got more to do say needed The game was over. That's a big problem with the general appointment, Amirit?