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This viral video of a 4-year-old boy handling a weapon caused a huge riot online

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Gun control is a hotly debated problem in America and one that will make sure the comment section

In fact, people feel so passionate about the subject that some have gone so far as to construct conspiracy theories specifying the victims of school shootings "crisis actors or they represent the "true origins" of shooters.

One point that many arms control advocates refer to is the fact that the number of toddlers who occur each year increases The American way of killing and being killed are ridiculously high: For example, in 2015-2017, the number of people killed by acts of terrorism in the US was higher than the number of people killed in .

So you can only imagine the online rage that emerged from this video by 4-y The age-old Maverick, who pulled the trigger of a rifle at an NRA convention, became viral ,

The child was approached by hunter and outdoor woman Kendall Jones, who asked the boy to show her what He can do with the weapon. He then demonstrates his understanding and ability to activate the bolt and trigger mechanism of the weapon, then unloads and then loads the rifle magazine.

"That's adorable," says Jones at the end

Kendall's video of Maverick was posted with the caption "

And there were a lot of people who agreed with her and praised the decision of the four-year-old parents to make him a wife to bring NRA Convention

But there was an overwhelmingly negative reaction on Jones & # 39; tweet – many of them self-proclaimed gun lovers and firearm owners themselves.

Many said that the child treats the gun as a toy and him was not taught by his parents how to handle or respect a firearm.

Others found that there was a clear double standard to it It was worrying how he looked at the handling of the firearm like a game. This is like those ISIS videos in which they arm children

– Danw (@__danw) May 6, 2018

Some I thought that video was sending dangerous news to children, and I could not believe that the NRA's principles differed from the safety of weapons.

It is rare for a "pro-gun" Video Receiving Criticism From Those Who Own A Pro Weapon, But Both "Libs" And "Cons" Appear To Be On The Same Side With A 4-Year-Old And Encouragement By Adults For It