$ 1.4 million at auction, Banksy painting Shock Art World

Auction houses often feel stuffy and pretentious. But Sotheby's in London was a little disappointed with a coveted feat by Banksy.

A stun beyond the sticker shock

Both the staff and the spectators were stunned when the familiar image of a girl picking up a red balloon brought in the final bid of $ 1.4 million. Jaws fell, not because of the price, but because of what came to an end shortly after bidding.


The artwork began to self-destruct automatically while the onlookers looked and gasped helplessly.

Pranks are paid

Graffiti artist Banksy is known for his playfulness in his artwork, and this latest trick definitely did not disappoint. Banksy's Instagram page has more than a million likes as a video is being shredded off the artwork at Sotheby's.


It is strange how no one ever knew that a shredder was cleverly hidden within the artist. And last but not least, the artwork may be worth more money after being reduced to stripes.

Banksy's next step

The artist, known as Banksy, has escaped anyone by maintaining an anonymous identity that contributes to his mystique and intrigue. However, no amount of money can stop an artist and his work is subversive and thought-provoking.


Banksy had the foresight to install a shredder at the bottom of his framed artwork in case he ended up landing on the auction block. The "girl with red balloon" should burst immediately after the hammer blow.

After sending the shock wave through the art collecting world nobody knows what Banksy could do next. Because people with money are so eager to capitalize on the underground artThere are probably more similar stunts in the future.


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