10 Benefits of dating older men

We, girls, may have an aging problem because it usually means more wrinkles, less abs and a lot of health problems. Boys, on the other hand, are like good wine that only gets better with age. They eventually realize who they are, want them in life and what kind of relationship they need. They've seen a lot and tried not to get distracted by any gorgeous girl passing by or an adventurous job opportunity (unless, of course, that's her thing). If you go out with an older man, you can be sure that even if it changes, it will not be radical and what you see is pretty much what you get. Here are 10 benefits of dating older men.

He knows about chivalry
And practice it daily! Courtesy is something that many young people know because it is considered old-fashioned and, to be fair, feminism can even be frowned upon by women in this new age. But that's no problem for an older man because he knows how to be a gentleman and practice chivalry without being offensive. Besides, if you do not like it, you can always just say that! There is nothing better than being honest about your feelings no matter who you are with.

He is mature
Admit it, peers can be problematic in many ways if you know pretty well what you want, but they're still struggling to figure things out. And we're not talking about big questions like "who am I?", But more about smaller things like "what kind of work do I want?" Or "What do I want from relationships?". Even older people are more aware of their desires and abilities, which also makes us, girls, safer.

He is financially secure
He may not be a rich man, but he definitely knows a lot about money and where to go, if need be. He also knows how to support himself and build relationships without earning money. Because he comes from an older generation, his first impulse will be to pay you everywhere, which is usually a pretty cool and admirable thing. But you can always share the bills!

He knows what he does in bed
Of course that does not mean that he knows everything, because the pleasure of every woman is individual, but he definitely knows a lot more than just your peers!


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