10 characters He's afraid of how much he likes you

Sometimes men are afraid to show their vulnerable and emotional side, and it comes from the wrong direction. Therefore, they are afraid that they will actually fall in love with a girl. Here are some signs that he is in you, but fear has taken over.

first He is staring at you. No, in an eerie way, but he thinks about it and realizes how happy he is to know and have a girl like you. You do not want to look back and ruin the moment because you know that he's shy to admit that he likes you.

second He sends you mixed signals. In one second he is super loving and in the next he is distant. You are not sure what to think. Just be assertive and let him know that you like him. Sometimes it's okay for the girl to take the first step.

third He gets nervous around you, That's not because he's just a spinner or not in you. In fact, it often means the opposite. If he makes fun of vomiting or aging, he's scared, but he comes to mind.

4th He is talking to his friends about you. If they reveal that they've heard of you before, that means he likes you. Boys do not just bring girls randomly to their friends when they are not in it.


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