10 clever and funny questions about the first date

Dating should be fun, you learn new things about a person and get to know them better. What is not to love about it? But, as many of you will know, sooner or later it becomes a tedious routine that consists of the same boring questions and the same predictable answers. I mean, there are so many times that you can ask a person what he's doing professionally before you start thinking, "I hope you're a superhero or a spy or something exciting, or I do not care." To help you here a little, there are a few clever questions that you can ask yourself at a first appointment that does not sound boring and predictable and allows you to learn more about the person you are dating.

1. What do you think about home?
Instead of asking where they came from, you can just ask what they think at home. Because it is not necessary where you were born. Some feel this connection, others do not and move to a place that feels more like it. It's fun to talk about what you consider home. A place, a feeling, a community of friends?

2. Would you consider yourself extraverted or introverted?
This question is smart, because then you can keep track of what your friends think of you: It is interesting to see what a person sees for himself and what he presents to the world and how others see him, and if there is a correlation between the two are two.

3. What's on your bucket list?
Most people have something they have always wanted to do, but have not had the chance, or have not had the courage. And it's interesting to know what her bucket list looks like and what she says about her as a person. For some, the list might consist of extreme sports or bungee jumping or swimming with sharks and some people building their own house or making a million dollars on this list.

4. If you have met your younger self, what advice would you give them?
This is a smart way to find out if the person regrets something in life or if they have something to contend with in their childhood and have now overcome it. It sounds a lot less personal than "tell me all about your childhood problems," but you're still learning it.


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