10 common reasons why marriages fail

Marrying is an exciting milestone in many lives. Unfortunately, we live in a time when about half of the marriages fail. Obviously, we never go into our era after the wedding, hoping for the worst, but there are some undiscussed offenders contributing to this statistic. here are the biggest.

1. Not enough investment – emotional, not financial. We think that marriage is not hard work and requires no skills. To improve your investment in your relationship, you should schedule at least a few hours of undivided attention once a week.

2. One part is not mature enough
Emotional immaturity should be treated before marriage. Loving and proposing to someone means nothing, unless you are emotionally prepared to form a true partnership as mature adults.

3. Can not forgive
If someone betrays our confidence or somehow violates our feelings, the failure to truly forgive, without forgetting, is a real problem. They are persistently experiencing the trauma of the past, stopping the ability to heal in the future.

4. To forget that you are friends too
You must forget all the pressure "man and woman" and remember that you were first friends! You have to like someone to love him, and marriage sometimes gets us off.


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