10 dating flags when you become acquainted with someone

It is always a bit awkward to meet someone new. The first dates are difficult to navigate. We're all a bit too shy or trying to get our best foot forward, but in the end they say something stupid. There are certain faux pas that you need to keep ready for certain things that you can postpone at the first date. But at the same time, there are some red flags that you should really watch out for when you meet someone new – they can tell you a lot about that person you barely know.

1. Hygiene
Does her breath smell fresh? Do you have strange body odors? Are her fingernails clean and tidy? Trust me, a person who stinks on the first date and has dirty fingernails (a time when we all try to do our best) is not a person you'd like to know better. They are probably a mess.

2. No manners
Notice if they offer to open the door for you. Get your order first and you and the waiter in the restaurant are polite. All this lets you know what kind of person it is. If they look good but are tidy and rude to the staff, they are not a nice person.

3. Bad listener
Being on a date definitely means getting to know each other and maintaining the conversation, but it should be a one-way street. If you find that the person you're traveling with is just waiting for your turn but does not listen to you, the phone is called or you're constantly interrupted-it does not really care about you.

4. Move boundaries
You probably want your limits to be respected, right? If this new person is constantly trying to push them forward, this is not a good sign. If you let them know that you are unfamiliar with something, they should respect it. It's not just about intimate things, but about something too simple, too fast to ask too many personal questions and look for answers.

5. Be excessive court
When they complain about something, they are not in a good place and they are not material.

6. No long-term plans
It's great to live in the moment, but everyone should have a long-term plan, a goal they work for, and things they want to achieve, at least in the future. However, when everything is in the air and they have no plans for relationships, family, work or travel, this is a red flag. You probably are not looking for anything serious.

7. Call presence
We all have ex-partners, and it would be stupid to pretend they did not, but it would be a bad idea to get them on the first date. It is too early. The only thing that tells you is that they have not moved on and are definitely not ready to meet new people. When they say, remind them of their ex-run. They are still in love with the ex. If they are mean, which is worse, you do not want to be rest.

8. Mean Teasing
A little flirting can be fun, joking makes conversation much more fun. But if they say something that offends you, do not pretend it's not like that. Let them know that they have brought teasing much too far and should stop. If you double or dismiss your complaint by saying that you are too sensitive, you know it's a red flag.

9. They argue too much
A healthy debate or a small discussion about things that you do not necessarily agree on can be very educational for everyone and open their eyes, but if they are on a mission to prove a point and continue to argue to the point of anger, This is not a great sign.

10. They have nothing in common
Somehow in line with the previous red flag, but if you have nothing in common, why are you traveling with that person? If none of your interests overlap, you have opposing views on life and everything. Stay only because the attractiveness of a person is not worth it.

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