10 Essential Do's and Don'ts when you go to the gym

It's this time of year when some of us start going to the gym. Why? Well, the summer is long gone, we have a little bit let go, but the holidays are just around the corner and we want to look good when we meet with all our friends and our family that we have not seen in a long time , So it's a good idea to go to the gym. However, one has to keep in mind that it is not enough to sign up for a membership in a gym and to show up now and then. There are actually some important things that you should not forget when you go to the gym.

first to: Ask for help
You might think that you can find all the machines yourself, but there is a big difference between treadmill handling, squats, free weights, and decent training that actually delivers some results. Getting a personal trainer is always a good idea if you are a beginner in the gym. If you can not afford to meet with a personal trainer every time, do it at least once a week. In this way, you will be able to learn the right form, set goals, and see progress much faster.

second Inadmissible: Training on an empty stomach
Listen, it may sound like a good idea in your head to go to the gym in the morning and burn some calories before you've eaten anything, but do not do it. It is not a good idea for beginners at all. You feel sick, you could be off and the chances of fainting are very high. Do yourself a favor and have breakfast or at least bananas on your way. We do not suggest anything to you shortly before training, but a little to give you energy and strength through training is necessary, especially if you are a beginner.

third to: Think about your diet
While we are on the topic of food, let us mention that proper nutrition is the most important thing in losing weight. You will never be able to exercise a bad diet. So make sure you eat a healthy and balanced meal. The gym will help you look fitter and improve your shape and tone your muscles, but to lose weight you need to think about what you eat.

4th Inadmissible: Wing it
If you go to the gym, you have to have a plan. Think about what you will focus on and do that. There is really no merit to show and do something. You have to have a plan and decide which muscle groups you work on today. Not only can you run on the treadmill or elliptical every day, your abs, back and arms also need training.


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