10 Everyday habits that can help you look younger

People are afraid of getting older – but instead of being dumb, why not take the daily steps to stay younger? Here are some everyday habits that you can incorporate into your lifestyle, and help you fake that number back into your 70s.

1. Wear less makeup. Make-up can lead to winkles, over dried skin and clogged, irritated pores. Do not choose to loosen up this skin, and of course look nicer as you age.

2. Use sunscreen. No matter how old you are, your skin needs protection. And if you use sunscreen four times a week, the likelihood of signs of aging is dramatically lower.

3. Get your 8 hours every night, or make a strong effort. Sleep deprivation is chaotic and can make us age for decades, along with scooping years out of our lives. Sleep resembles elastic and youthful skin, free of pimples.

4. Use the right moisturizer. Neglecting the use of moisturizers or using the wrong kind can ruin your skin. But using the right ones will erase the years like no other and get collagen and elasticity.


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