10 exercises to reduce stress

    People love to train for muscle and keep the love handles off, but everyone needs to know how important exercise is to mental health. Show your brain some love by trying these stress methods.

    1. All forms of yoga
    Vinyasa is more stimulating while the Hatha Isomer relaxes and concentrates on the breath. All forms include a deep breathing that triggers relaxation, lowers blood pressure and promotes focus at the same time.

    2. Gardening
    Yes, this can be a form of low-impact exercise. Weeding can burn up to 200 calories per hour, while raking or mowing the lawn can burn up to 600 hours per hour. Contact with earth and earth is refreshing and healing.

    3. Go
    The intensity is not high, but walking (especially in a natural environment) can relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and relax the nervous system.

    4. Dance lessons
    Try a local salsa or ballroom class that can increase heart rate while improving flexibility. It also has mental benefits – those who dance have less chance of getting dementia, thanks to new steps that challenge their minds.


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