10 honest reasons why you are still single

Are you single and think that it was time for you to find the love of your life? Or are you single and absolutely happy, but you still wonder why relationships escaped you? There are reasons why you feel the way you do, some of which are pretty obvious, while others are subtle and hard to identify. If you are happy with what you are or in urgent need of change, these are the ten honest reasons why you are still single.

You just like it so
Sometimes it's not about laziness or fear of dating, some women like to be alone! It's a different lifestyle and you could just be one of those girls who prefers spending time at work, making friends, hobbies and traveling rather than relationships. In that case, why are you surprised that you have no boyfriend if dating does not interest you? Be adventurous, find time for one or two appointments and see where you lead. That is, if you want that, of course.

You have not forgotten anyone
That's easy enough, but only if you can be completely honest with yourself. Do you still have feelings for your ex or this nice colleague who ignored you for years? Things like these make you unhappy and do not really enjoy new relationships that may or may not be related. You have to fix things with previous relationships before you meet other people!

You're looking for the good
That's completely understandable and not bad, but you have to be careful with adapting your standards are too high. Because the more people we meet, the more experienced we will be and the better we understand ourselves, our needs and the needs of other people. You could meet someone other than the Prince Charming, but in the end, he could become your best teacher. Do not deny the opportunity to learn from other people!

You are afraid of being hurt
And are not we all, really? Overcoming this fear and exposing one another makes love and relationships so beautiful. You can not be physically and psychologically intimate with someone by holding up your walls. Open the world and the people around you, be honest, what you feel and what you want – and you'll see how much happier you will be, whether you're single or not.


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