10 I am sorry that your husband goes to bed

Иная естицальность – moŝnoe oružie. I know what kind of otom bude your lûbimyj mužčina, enough ponablûdatь for nim. No magic and složnyh naučnyh testov you do not have to!

Derive the letter
Your father is not breadwinner. He lives by the principle: sketch – bundle. Poétomu, kogda in you poâvitsâ malyš, vy you smooth out 100% of the passage. You do not have a call for 5 minutes, that is, if you want. And he has not zabratь rebenka from detskogo now zaburat.

Help home
Your Paren without any effort will be able to move you, favorable, Dominees. Kogda stands on the cheek, he does not underestimate the access to weaknesses. A common – and you, and the Rebenka he does not leave Golodnymi.

Lûbit životnyh
He is a lover of life and does not bother with the homemade pustoms. I'm sorry, but I'm sorry. Vedė is exactly budet znatь, which makes it easy and gulât & # 39; po raspisaniû. The ego does not bend from the undergrowth. Zabotitusa teh, kogo ty lûbišь, dlâ nego neobhodimost & # 39 ;.

In nego есть живой животные коротки
V kakom-to-smysle dlâ nego rolì roditelâne nova. Vozmočki, in the past he has many oshibos. But it is exactly the Buddha who knows how to do it. Nu, or, in the end, the budet stremitûsâ k étomu.


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