10 Irrational fears that all guys have in relationships

We are used to thinking that girls are more vulnerable and emotional when it comes to relationships, but that's not quite so. The boys may hide it pretty well and deny it as much as they want, but the truth is that they are as scared to open themselves to another person as any of us, girls. Long-term relationships are also something that most boys fear and rarely consider their cup of tea. Until, of course, they end up in one. Here are 10 irrational fears that all the guys in the relationship have.

She will hurt him as soon as he opens
Trust is something that is not easy for both men and women. Men tend to be more guarded and more protective when it comes to letting someone in, but all those walls crumble when they fall in love. This does not deny the fact that fear still exists on the subconscious level. Now the boys are afraid that women will use their vulnerability against them and it takes a long time for that fear to disappear.

She will use him
The guys are pretty clear about what they want and what kind of relationship they're building, be it a one-night stand or something more serious and long-lasting. For women, it is sometimes difficult to say. What if she suddenly changes her mind? Or is it just about the money? Or did she use him to return to her? Many people are afraid to discover that there are some ulterior motives.

She will leave him more attractive for someone
We can talk about what we do not want, but for most people, they still do! Whether physical attractiveness in general or few special features that make a person look attractive, when choosing a friend or a friend's appearance plays an important role. That is, guys tend to pay more attention to looks than girls. Just think about how many men spend time in the gym looking gorgeous, while beautiful women still do not look for their friends for a good look, but are based on good character and a kind heart. Yet, many people are afraid that their loved ones will compare them to other men and choose a more attractive friend.

She will blackmail him with divorce
Some people manage to remain selfish, even if they have a relationship with another person. Many people, especially wealthy ones, are afraid of being with a manipulative woman who uses blackmail to make him do what she wants. When big money, children or family are involved, divorce can be a devastating experience, not to mention the fact that you find out that the person you love is able to hurt you like that. If he is a rich man married without a Prenup, he will definitely be insecure in the relationship.


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