10 main reasons why we stay in crappy relationships

Sometimes all individuals long for a relationship. Often, however, people do not pay attention to their relationship and can spend years in an unhealthy relationship. This may seem like a puzzling and time-consuming behavior, but there are some reasons why people do not disturb the past love.

1. Because to go into the unknown or the idea of ​​loneliness is scary. One only has to remember that the fear of loneliness is ultimately only a fear of change. Once upon a time, you were alone in front of the bee, which means that you can gain a foothold in life after the bee.

2. The move is too complicated or too difficult, and you are thinking about the financial burden of assuming rent and bills yourself. Ties such as a home together, financial dependency, or children can often be seen as a good excuse to go through the relationship and tame it, but it's dangerous for everyone involved.

3. You have the same friends group. Separating from friends can sometimes be more traumatic than parting with a romantic partner. To solve this, you have to disassemble your friend and explain that your friendship is disconnected from the relationship and you do not have to pick sides.

4. Your parents love you and you love your parents. Fortunately, you are not in a relationship with the parents of your bee, so this should not affect your decision. We know that the partner's parents can become a kind of surrogate parent, but that's their only role if you love their child.


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