10 Most Common Secrets Men hide from their partner


Men already have a reputation for not opening up in a great way. They do not really talk about their feelings, they keep everything inside and rarely open. This suggests that they have many secrets. Is that true? Well, it really depends on the man. But we think there are a few things that most people like to keep private, so let's talk about the most common secrets of men hiding from their partners.

1. They do not care about details
Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with a man long enough knows that men do not care about details. So, if you tell them a story, they can not care about exactly where it happened and who was there to witness, what was the mood, what you wear, and so on. They just want to know what happened, so do not waste your time on details and get on the track.

2. Initial talks are a secret for them
Now men have no idea when it comes to the first date. They do not know what to say or what to ask and what to talk about. It is too embarrassing and painful for them because they are not used to talking so much. Therefore, many men prefer to go to the movies first and then have dinner. It gives them a topic to discuss – the movie you both just saw. Some go even further and select some crazy adventures for the first dates, so you do not really have to talk that much.

3. They do not like to do the dirty work
As women, we often complain that we have to cook, wash and clean up and do not really like it. Well, men also have chores that are traditionally men's jobs, like taking out the garbage, washing the floor, or killing those frightening spiders. They are not fans of them either, but they do not tell us why they do not want us to think they are not male enough.

4. You do not lie to fight
We think that men are more confrontational than women, which could be true when talking to other men. However, when it comes to an argument with their partner, they prefer to lie to keep the situation peaceful. They really do not like fighting with women and this kind of confrontation emphasizes them.


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