10 Oldest beauty secrets in the world that really work

As DIY beauty treatments become more popular with each passing year, thousands of women are turning to natural facial masks, shampoos, creams, and oil-based skin care products. What we are doing now has millions of women already in ancient Greece, Africa, China, Rome, India and the Middle East. Of course, old women had a tendency to get a bit radical with their beauty routines because they lacked the knowledge of the dangers of some ingredients, but most of the time they used eco-friendly 100% natural treatments. Here are 10 oldest beauty secrets in the world that actually work.

Bathing like Queen Cleopatra
Cleopatra was one of the most beautiful women in the world, and so it is not surprising that she liked to spoil herself. Historians say she was known for her perfect silky skin and to get that super soft effect, she used a simple recipe for her regular baths: olive oil, milk and honey. You probably have all these products in your kitchen now!

Roses from Babylon
The Babylonian royal family knew something about health and beauty, so they literally used rose petals and rose oil everywhere. Use baths with rose petals to rejuvenate and tone your skin, use rose water on your face and rose oil whenever you need an antiseptic. It also smells amazing and helps with depression.

A remedy from biblical times
Do you remember the baby Jesus and the gifts of the kings? Well, according to historians, one of those gifts was the strong-smelling incense. Now it is mainly used for the production of incense and perfume, but at that time all people knew about its healing antibacterial properties, which made it a perfect remedy for all kinds of cuts, bruises and skin diseases. At some point it was more valuable than gold!

Hair removal technology from Egypt
Nothing is new in this world of waxing, shaving, plucking and laser hair removal. But before these relatively modern hair removal techniques emerged, Egyptian women used sugar to get those silky legs and other body parts. Sugaring is less painful than waxing and it also works as a scrub.


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