10 original ways to prepare your body for the summer

    Let's face reality: Summer is coming and we have to do something! When we start to leave our warm blankets and wear our fashionable scarves less and less, we show our body more and more every week. Until we get to the beach, in our favorite bikini that seems too small or too tight and we realize that … (oddio!) Maybe it was the case to go to the gym! To avoid this shock and not bring you to the beautiful and sparkling summer days with a physicist far away from what you wanted, we propose 10 unusual (and fun) activities to prepare you for the summer.

    Go dancing
    And let's face it! Choose the style you like and go dancing! Have fun, at least twice a week (and at least for a month) – and you're ready for the summer! Your metabolism will improve, your stress will decrease and you will feel much better. If you want to lose more than a few pounds, try classical dance or contemporary dance. Only one dance lesson burns at least 600 calories.

    to go shopping
    As crazy as it may seem, shopping can really help you lose weight. It can be quite a strenuous activity, right? If he takes you, you can spend hours searching for what you need. Just eating out, taking a walk, getting to the supermarket can be a real workout. You can burn up to 500 calories, like cyclists in an hour!

    Eat juicy fruits
    With the arrival of the hottest days, your diet should adapt. Melons, watermelons and other juicy fruits are exceptional allies to fight the heat, naturally moisturize your body and not weigh yourself. These fruits are not only rich in vitamins, they also give a feeling of satiety that does not make you starve for a long time. They help to lose weight!

    Clean the house more often
    While cleaning your home is not one of your favorite pastimes, once you've explained why you should do it, you'll love it. Yes, with house cleaning it loses weight! 30 minutes house cleaning equivalent to 15 minutes of abdominal work. Two pigeons with a bean!


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