10 secrets of beauty that every girl needs to know

    5. Never sleep in makeup
    On certain days when you are extremely tired or traveling and having a few drinks, it can be very tempting to just go to bed and not get your make-up off, but you have to do it. Otherwise, you only ask for outbreaks. If you are lazy, you should remove the make-up wipes at least near the bed. But you know, it's better to wash your face thoroughly.

    6. No makeup in the gym
    We all feel a bit self-confident in the gym, but there's really no reason to wear make-up. Nobody cares and nobody looks at you, people are too busy looking after themselves and what they look like. Also, make-up and sweat do not mix well, you will end up looking like a mess and you could also get massive breakouts.

    7. Hot water is not your friend
    This is a hard pill to swallow, but hot baths and hot showers are not good for the skin. Yes, it feels super nice and relaxing right now, but hot water can damage and dry your skin. So if you want a nice, supple, youthful-looking skin, do not take a hot bath, but warm water. If you take a bath, add some oats. You will not believe how much softer your skin feels afterwards.

    8. Skin care is not just about your face
    Now people know that skincare is more important than any make-up. If your skin looks good, your makeup can look even better. But skin care is not just about your face. When you apply face creams or lotions, it is actually better to apply them to your body. All your skin needs care and attention. At the very least, make sure you are carrying serums up to your neck and decollete. These areas can look old and bad before your face looks, if you do not pay attention.

    9. Protect your hair from heat
    Yes, it's the most boring product ever, it does not deliver real results. It seems somehow useless, but trust me it works. At the end of the day, it should not give you much volume or make sure that your hairstyle is not lost, just to protect your hair from the heat. So just spend the extra 2 seconds spraying it before you blow dry your hair. You will be happy when you are traveling down the line. After the hair is constantly drying and straightening and curling, the hair still looks nice and shiny.

    10. Eat a balanced diet
    Your hair and skin is really the reflection of what you eat. If you want it to look good, you have to eat well. Make sure you eat lots of fruits and vegetables to get all the vitamins. Do not miss healthy fats – they keep your skin young. And try to stay away from junk food – they only lead to outbreaks, acne and a terrible feeling.

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