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10 signs that he is an egomaniac who takes care of himself


Love can be cruel, and most of the time we end up with people who are more self-centered and do not really care about anyone. How do we ever fall into this kind of people? You just have to pay close attention. Here are 10 signs that he is an egomaniac who only cares about himself.

You have to wait for him to prepare
There is hardly anything more disturbing than a man who takes forever to prepare himself. When he does his hairstyling for hours and occasionally asks if he looks fat in those skinny jeans or not, it's a sure sign that he cares too much about himself.

He worries too much about what others think
That's one of the reasons he spends so much time looking good! He has everything about the opinions of other people and will get a little anxiety attack if you decide to introduce him to your parents. Because he definitely has to leave a great impression!

He can not joke.
He has a good sense of humor and loves to annoy other people, including you, but when someone else makes a joke about him, he gets angry. Egomaniacs are very sensitive to what other people say and think about them and can not accept the assumption that they are in any way flawed.

It's about "me" with him
When most of his sentences start with "I," it's a sure sign of what matters to him-his feelings and his state of mind. No matter what topic you are discussing, he always has a story to tell that is all about him. You may want to talk about your problems, but somehow the conversation about him will!


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