10 signs that you are not ready for the single parent

Falling in love with someone who has children is a complicated journey that not everyone could be prepared for. You must remember to be open-minded and friendly through this roller coaster of an experience. Here are some signs that you are not ready to take this step.

1. You are not ready to overcome some emotional highs and lows. Divorcing or dealing with the death of a partner while feeling the shifted burden of complete parenting is a vulnerable and complex experience.

2. If you feel extremely jealous, see them regularly with your parents. If your ex-partner is still in the picture, you have to play it cool and accept this inevitable dynamic, without jealousy.

3. If you are not ready to cut corners and live lavishly or be taken along all the time. Understand how childcare is expensive for single parents – a $ 5 coffee for you is the food from the child's mouth and a good portion of the salary of a babysitter when he's dating you.

4. If you do not value your time and constantly make last minute changes. A single parent can not afford to be so spontaneous or meet you when he takes a lot of time.


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