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10 signs that your partner does not respect you


It's hard to control your feelings when you love someone. However, respecting yourself and being respected by your partner is important in every respect. Here are some red flags that you may not get the respect you deserve.

1. They laugh at you when you confide in them. This can be very painful and means that you or your problems are not taken seriously. Besides, they are bad listeners who are not good quality in a romantic partner.

2. You have told your secrets in a random way. Confidence belongs to the secrets and they should protect yours safely. If not, they have no respect and it is not okay.

3. Similarly, they have previously broken their trust or lied to each other before. And maybe they even do it with ease. This shows that it does you no harm to hurt you.

4. You talk about other girls in front of you or flirt with them. Maybe he had a longer eye contact with your waitress in this restaurant or he is just a bit too friendly with his friends. This is a serious disrespect that needs to be called out.


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