10 simple ways to give more volume to thin hair

    Thin hair gets flatter over time – it's frustrating, trimming is a quick fix, but creating a body has its own tips and tricks for a long time. Here are some of our favorites.

    1. Hold the hair over the collarbone. The longer thin hair gets, the flatter it gets, so a long bob or something more brave Pixie cut are great solutions.

    2. If you are too scared to tear down more than a few inches, a multilayer "They could be the fix you are looking for, and it works with many hair and face types.

    3. Apply Highlightswhich can have the uncanny ability to give the illusion of more volume – especially balayage. Working in different shades adds dimension and placement is everything.

    4th Do not use creamy shampoos that can promote oilyness. Instead, use a nourishing shampoo that adds or builds up volume.


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