10 things a woman will do when she's really in love

Here are different types of love and how you experience relationships, you learn to distinguish them. With some men, you feel like a friend with big benefits, while others treat you like a princess who needs constant attention. Men are different, women are different, so no wonder relationships also vary! But if you really fall in love, that's not so important. The roles you play or the subtleties of your characters are not that important when your heart is filled with pure, agonizingly bright love. That's when you start doing the most notable (and sometimes silly) things. Here are 10 things a woman will do when she's really in love.

She becomes romantic in a cheesy way
You know how all Valentine's Day heart shaped gifts and date ideas for love birds made you wince. Well, all that changes when you have fallen deeply in love. Okay, maybe not all, but a considerable amount for sure. You start to look at things from a different perspective, and sometimes you do not mind being all kitschy romantic, buying your boyfriend cute little gifts, or surprising him with a romantic place for your dinner. People like that too! These romcoms are not just based on imagination.

She travels more because of her wanderlust
And vice versa! Yes, falling in love does not mean that your personality changes. But it does a bit, at least at first. Maybe you're a girl who enjoys spending quiet evenings with books, and then you meet this wonderful guy who's really into adventures and suddenly you find yourself in the mountains in full gear. Such things happen all the time! And they are not necessarily bad because you are more open to new opportunities and experiences with the person that really matters to you.

She will learn to cook (or at least try)
Cooking may not be your thing and it may not be your thing, but you will definitely have the urge to cook for your friend. Maintaining your partner is one of the most basic relationship rules we begin with on a subconscious level. We are interested in what he eats, how he sleeps, and whether he gets enough rest. It's totally natural! But if your partner is a better cook than you, you can lend him your hands and not play the cook yourself.

She will pull in his place
Feeding is a great game in every phase of the relationship. Both men and women like their own space, and once you start living together, of course, it becomes less of "me" and more of "us." This is an amazing thing and a next step in your relationship, but it can also be stressful for you and your partner. So if you want to move in, that means it's finally getting serious.


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