10 things every couple should do before marriage

Marrying is a hugely exciting new chapter where you can start your life. It means a new level of maturity and partnership in your life that can really help you thrive, but it's also a big decision that requires a checklist before you take the big leap.

1. Travel together! We do not just mean a weekend in the hut. Make a long vacation together or an international adventure together that challenges the limits of your relationship in different contexts.

2. Pull together. Marrying before living together is a catastrophe waiting to happen, even if it is normal in many cultures. Getting used to a person's quirks is an important part of living together and not of constant struggle.

Understand the values ​​of others like politics and religion. These are topics usually avoided on the first date, but very important for a fiancee to discuss his future direction.

Talk about whether you want children. This may be a touchy subject for many, but if you guys want to be there in the long run, it's a chat you have to do. Depending on how you invested in the decision, compromises might have to be made.


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